We Recycle Stamps!

We Recycle!

Did you know that your Self Inking Rubber Stamps can be recycled?
If the information on your self inking rubber stamp is outdated or just needs to be changed, we can replace the dieplate (the part that has your information and makes the imprint) and the ink pad, for a great cost and environmental savings! When doing this, you will need to change the ink pad as well, reason being that the old ink pad will have a memory of the old information.

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Please note: Traditional hand stamps or woodmounts and pre-inked stamps can not be recycled.

We at T.S.T. Rubber Stamp work hard to gain the loyalty of our customers. Earned from fair and honest business practices – we do what we can to help everyone.

You may order a new dieplate here and a new ink pad replacement here.

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