Manual Band Numberers



Click a Size / Height / How many bands?… to order the stamp.

Character Size Character Height How many bands?
00 1/16″ Up to 21 bands
0X 3/32″ Up to 21 bands
0 1/8″ Up to 21 bands
1 5/32″ Up to 21 bands
2 3/16″ Up to 17 bands
2-1/2 1/4″ Up to 19 bands
3 5/16″ Up to 16 bands
4 7/16″ Up to 13 bands
5 9/16″ Up to 10 bands
6 11/16″ Up to 9 bands
7 7/8″ Up to 7 bands

If you know the make and model of rubber stamp that you need, use our product search to quickly find it.

Number Stamps are great for those projects that require high visibility marking. These units can also have half alphabet bands (A-M or N-Z) added where you need them for even greater flexibility. Remember that these are manual stamps and require a separate ink pad (not included). If you need letters and numbers in the same position then see our Alphanumeral section. If you need the entire alphabet (A-Z) but no numbers, check out our Alphabet Stamps. Number bands and letter bands mixed together? Those are Cost and Selling Stamps!