Alphabet Stamps

Click a Size / Height / How many bands?…to order the stamp.

Character Size Character Height How many bands?
00 1/16″ Up to 22 bands
0 1/8″ Up to 22 bands
1 5/32″ Up to 22 bands
2 3/16″ Up to 20 bands
2-1/2 1/4″ Up to 18 bands
3 5/16″ Up to 17 bands

  Alphabet Stamps are made up of full A-Z bands only. No numbers. Great for file identification where only text is needed. Remember that these are manual stamps and require a separate ink pad (not included). If you need letters and numbers in the same position then see our Alphanumeral stamp section. If you need just numbers (0-9), check out our Number Stamps. Number bands and letter bands mixed together? Those are Cost and Selling stamps!