Number Stamps – #00 – 1/16″


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Number Stamps are custom made to order at the time of purchase.  Extra production time is required for completion.

Pricing is shown in the drop down below.


Characters are 1/16″ or 1.5mm top to bottom.

There are 7 characters per linear inch (left to right).

These units print numbers (0-9) with a few special characters.
Alpha characters can be added but are confined to A-M or N-Z.
Not the complete alphabet.

If you have special requirements please indicate below.

PLEASE NOTE that these are manual stamps and require a separate ink pad (not included).

> How many bands would you like?

> Do you have a space restriction?

Let us know in the fields below if your imprint has to fit within a given space.
If your selection will not fit within your restrictions we will let you know before your order moves forward to production.

If you have any questions, please contact us before you place your order.

> I need letters or special characters on my stamp.

I understand that the alphabet must be split in half, either A-M OR N-Z.

*If you need the complete alphabet (A-Z) please see our other sections, Alphabet, Cost & Selling or Alphanumeral.

Special Assembly Charges Apply

Let us know what position(s) you need the letters to be in.
For example: if you have a 5 band unit and you need it to read – A 2 3 R 5 – the you would ask for an A-M band in the first position and an N-Z band in the 4th position.

For example: – / . 1/4 # $ a space, etc.

Not all special characters are available.
If you have any questions, please contact us.
Let us know what character you would like and where in the printing order.

For example, if you need to print pricing ~ $ 1 2 . 9 9 ~ then you would order a 6 band unit with the $ in the first position and the decimal in the 4th position.

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