We Don’t Process Credit Cards Online

TST Rubber Stamp does not process credit cards online?
That’s right! We do not process credit card payments, PayPal payments or payments of any kind on our site.

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Why not?
Easy! We want you to be absolutely satisfied with the end result of what your stamp is going to look like BEFORE we process your payment.

But, why is their a credit card section on the order form?
All this section does is securely pass your credit card information to TST Rubber Stamp. We use SSL technology to keep your information safe, as opposed to giving us your number over e-mail or the phone.

For example: Lets say that you go through the order process and request 3 Traditional Hand Stamps that are 1/2″ high and 4″ long at a cost of $18.78 each. If you are in Ontario, Canada, with the S&H and the applicable taxes this would come to $76.29. So the site puts through a charge to your card for that amount. You want the stamps to all say “PAID”.

Then we send you the proof and it looks something like this:

This is a waste! And we don’t like to waste your money!
We would suggest that if you are sold on the 1/2″ high then the stamp should only be 1-1/2″ long, which would keep the text in proportion and make the image work better.

Like this!     good image - paid

We would then advise you that your cost per stamp drops down to $12.13 each.
The total order, should you proceed in Ontario, would then be $53.34.
Much better for you right? Right!

So, if we were to process your orders on-line when you fill in the form, your credit card statement would look something like this:

  • Pay to TST Rubber Stamp – 1st Day – $76.29 (your first order)
  • Credit from TST Rubber Stamp – 1st Day – $76.29 (refund for your first order)
  • Pay to TST Rubber Stamp – 2nd Day – $53.34 (your revised order)
  • Pay to TST Rubber Stamp – 3rd Day – $67.30 (your new second order – because you love us right!)
  • Credit from TST Rubber Stamp – 3rd Day -$10.00 (because we combine shipping!)

It is so much easier for us to send you a proof, confirm up the totals from ALL of your orders, combine the shipping and handling for your orders so that you are not double charged and then put one single charge through like this:

Pay to TST Rubber Stamp 3rd Day $109.15 DONE!

Which reflects a total of 7 stamps at $12.13, one S&H charge of $10, and the applicable taxes.

This works out so much better for us and more importantly for you!

That’s why T.S.T. stands for “That Special Touch!”

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