Draw Winner!

Yes, we have a winner!

Have you ever entered a contest and then had to wait and wait to see if someone actually won?

And then you think, maybe they didn’t actually pull a winner, that all they wanted was to see how many people would actually enter.

We hate that too!  So here you go!  Our actual, real life winner of the draw for a $100 pre-paid Visa card is ……………………………

Terri W.
from CW Kitchens

Our Visa Winner

I caught up with Terri last Friday as she was spreading joy to all her co-workers with a box of cold popsicles  to help them with the heat.
Look to CW Kitchens for help with a custom kitchen re-build.
I’m sure Terri and her crew would be glad to help.

Our thanks to everyone who entered and sent their feedback on our new website.