Maxlight Flash Stamps

Flash style stamps are great for those times when you need an oversized self inking imprint without the extra strength of an extreme duty stamp. These units are re-inkable and come with a protective bottom cap to prevent accidental imprints. What’s the difference between flash stamps and regular self inking stamps?  In a flash-style self inking stamp the ink pad is totally enclosed and is reinked through access holes under the cap.  The dieplate (your custom info) appears as a flat film and does not flip around to make the imprint.  The stamp only travels about 1/4″ from its rest position to meet the surface you want to mark. Scan the list below to find the size that works best for you.

PLEASE REMEMBER:  Flash stamps use an oil-based ink rather than the water-based inks that are used in traditional self inking stamps where the inside plate flips over.  NEVER USE ‘FLASH’ REFILL INK IN A REGULAR SELF INKING STAMP AND NEVER USE ‘REGULAR’ REFILL INK IN A FLASH STAMP!! If you mix these inks you will damage your stamps.  Once mixed you can not repair the stamps.  They must be replaced.  If you have any doubts about which ink to use please contact us BEFORE you reink your stamp.