TST Rubber Stamp carries the widest selection of inks and ink pads on the internet.   Click the links below to order ink refill bottles, new ink pads for your traditional hand stamps and replacement ink pads for your self inking stamps. 

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Traditional hand stamps need a separate ink pad.   Match the size of pad to the size of imprint on your stamp. 

Self inking stamps, the kind where the inside flips  around, can have the ink pad easily replaced.   Match the ink pad required to the manufacturer name and model number that is usually found on the front of your stamp. 
For example: Shiny S-843, Colop P50, Trodat 4911

If there is no info on the front of the stamp, check the lettering that is embossed on the back of the stamp for the item number.

Self Inking Stamp Replacement Ink Pads

Self Inking Stamp Replacement Ink Pads

Hand Stamp Ink Pads

Hand Stamp Ink Pads

Standard Colour Ink Refill Bottles

Standard Colour Ink Refill Bottles

Premium Ink Colours Refill Bottles

Premium Colour Ink Refill Bottles

Super Marking Quick Drying Ink

Quick Drying Ink Refill Bottles

Flash Stamp Ink Refill Bottles

Flash Ink Refill Bottles

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