Self Inking Stamp Replacement Ink Pads

How-to Re-Ink and Change Ink Pads on Self Inking Rubber Stamps


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In this video, we will show you how to properly remove the ink pads from your self inking stamps and re-ink them. 
The brands of stamps that we will show you how to change are Shiny, Colop 2000 Plus, and Trodat self inking stamps.

Pay close attention to the video as every brand uses different buttons or tabs.  Press down on the stamp part way until the ink pad aligns with the slot.  Push the buttons or tabs in and simply pop the ink pad out.

When you are re-inking your ink pad you should only need to cover 25% to 50% of the pad with ink.  Remember, you are only “staining” the pad and not filling it up like a swimming pool.  The best time to re-ink your self inking stamp is at the end of the business day so the ink can settle over night, but you can let it settle for less time if needed.  Settling overnight will just give the ink longer to distribute through the pad and spread more evenly.

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