Number Stamps – #5 – 9/16″

Number Stamps - #5 - 9/16"

$78.00 — $180.75

Do you need Alpha bands?

I understand that I must split the alphabet in half A-M or N-Z.
Special assembly charges will be applied.

Sizes 0X, 00, 0, 1 & 2 - $19.00 per stamp will be added.
Sizes 2-1/2 and up - $29.00 per stamp will be added.

If you need NUMBERS only click "No".

Yes     No

My stamp should read like this:
For example: 1 2 3 A 5 3 Z 1 3 9 the fourth band will be A-M and the seventh band will be N-Z!
We will send a proof confirming where the letter bands will be inserted.

I would like a special character if possible.
Special Character:   (I.e. # $ . X / - ¢ ¼)
If you don't need special character's please
leave this field blank and continue on.

If you need a special character above, what position should it be?
Example: 12$456 (The $ is in "Position 3 or Third")
Special Character Position:   (I.e. "Third" or "Three")
If you need multiple characters, just describe what you need.
Example: "I need a $ in position 3 and a / in position 5".

Do you have a space restriction? If not, leave this blank.
My stamp can be no bigger than....

long X tall.

Inches:     Centimetres:

6) Anything else we should know?

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