Die Plate Replacement

Die Plate Replacement

We are green and environment friendly. Instead of throwing your self inking stamp in the garbage, you can simply buy a new die plate on this page. Saving you money, and saving the environment.

PLEASE NOTE: ONLY self inking stamps where the inside of the stamp flips around to come in contact with the page are able to be updated. We can not change the information on a flash-style stamp like a Brother® or Maxlight®. If you have any doubt, please contact us before you place your order. Traditional hand stamps that use a separate ink pad are also NOT recycleable.

We strongly recommend changing your ink pad at the same time as a new dieplate. The old ink pad gets 'dented' with the old info. When you update the stamp, the hills and valleys of the new info will not line up with the dents from the old info and will result in a poor imprint.


What is the manufacturer's name on your stamp?
(ie, Shiny®, Colop®, 2000 Plus®, Trodat®, Max Stamp®, Ideal®, Mark Maker® etc.)

What is the model number printed on the front of the stamp?
(ie. S-1823, P50, 4913, SI-30)

What should your die plate say?
Up to 8 lines of text.

What font would you like?

Choose from the dropdown list on the left or if you have a custom font, type it in the box on the right.

     Other:   (I.e. Engravers Gothic)

TST Font Select

Style - Select all that applies!
Bold    Italics    Underline

6) Case

7) Imprint Position

8) Need a Border? (No Charge)
9) Custom Artwork (optional)
If you have prepared artwork for your stamp you can attach it here.

10) Anything else we should know?
(I.e. Make one line bigger that the other, underline parts,
bold certain words. Just let us know. NO EXTRA CHARGE!)

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